Activate growth in all aspects of human performance and health!

Join the Official XPT Affiliate ActivateBody on an exploration and discovery of human potential to expand resilience to stress and develop powerful methods to enhance physical & mental wellness.

We work with some of the most progressive athletes, leaders and organisations in the world looking for health and wellness practices that are practical and applicable to the workplace, sport and life.

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Our four-pillar approach of EXPLORE, BREATHE, MOVE and RECOVER is heart-centered and science-backed designed to energise, invigorate and strengthen both body and mind.



+ Activate Exploration

Exploration is the ActivateBody mindset in our work, play and in life. We are explorers and providers of cutting-edge health and wellness methods and curriculum designed to enhance performance.



+ Performance Breathing

Discover endless health and performance benefits through our ActivateBody Performance Breathing Programs which enables you to tap into the immense capacity of your breath.

Performance Breathing educates you on specialized breathing methods that heighten your oxygen levels, improves stress response and unlocks your aerobic capacity to its fullest potential.



+ Activate Primal Movement

Explore ActivateBody's unique activate primal movement program: land and water-based workouts that push human physiology and encourage essential adaptation.

Leverage these dynamic movements that will challenge your body and breathing capacity under fatigue, pushing you to your edge. Reach new heights and discover endless possibilities in the exploration of human potential through ActivateBody's Primal Move curriculum.



+ Activate Recovery

We take an active approach to recovery to physical, mental and emotional stress. At ActivateBody we introduce methods that stimulate neuromuscular and cardiovascular recovery while also taking advantage of psychological and physiological adaptation.

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