ActivateBody is an authorised XPT affiliate. Based in Noosa, Queensland, we provide XPT health and fitness experiences around Australia that explore the 3 pillars of Breath, Movement and Recovery. We will challenge and help you to discover new physical and mental possibilities. The XPT cutting-edge health and wellness methods are designed to enhance lives and build camaraderie within your community.

We work with communities, resorts and organisations to provide world class services that enhance health and wellness practices. We specifically design our programs to be relevant and practical for our clients. If you’re interested in improving your performance at work, play and life you have come to right place!

Our team is:

  • EDUCATED and TRAINED by leading Australian and International experts.

  • EXPERIENCED in our vocation, sport and life which enables us to connect, coach and deliver results for individuals, groups and corporate teams.

  • PASSIONATE about health and fitness.

  • COMMITTED to providing rewarding and authentic experiences all for our clients.



ActivateBody Leadership


+ Tom Molloy - Co Founder/ Performace Director

Tomas Molloy (B.Com, Cert IV Fit, XPT Coach, AFL 1, Cert Mindfulness and Performance)- Breath, Water Movement & Recovery

Hi, I‘m Tom Molloy, master breath and certified XPT performance coach. As a husband, father of 3 children and business owner I am faced with multiple life stressors. I use the XPT performance breathing and primal movement methods on a daily basis to help me manage my state and perform at my best. I have over 20 years surf life saving experience and coached AFL, athletics and Rugby teams in breathing and movement. With a professional background in institutional banking anc consulting I relate to the pressures of business, family and life. The power of learning and practicing Performance Breathing and primal movemnt and recovery methods are game changers for me. Now I have the privilege of sharing the experience with others and help them control stress, focus and improve performance.


+ Dr Viktoria Molloy - Co Founder / Physiotherapist & Health Coach

Dr Viktoria Molloy (PhD, B.Physio (Hons)) - Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation & Health

Hi, I am Dr Viktoria Molloy (PhD) Physiotherapist & Health Performance Coach with nearly 20 years clinical and research experience focusing on Prehab/ Rehabilitation, Recovery & Health. I use performance breathing and recovery protocols to help balance out the stress from work, family and running.

About XPT

ActivateBody align with the XPT lifestyle performance pillars: Breathe - Move - Recover to apply in all aspects of life. While we may not all be elite athletes we all have athletic potential to discover and express in activities we enjoy and communities we connect with.



+ Breathe

Discover endless health and performance benefits through XPT's Performance Breathing™ nand the Wim Hof Method, which enables you to tap into the immense capacity of your breath.

Developed over the years by world renowned big wave surfer Laird Hamilton and Dutch Athlete Wim Hof, Performance Breathing™ educates you on specialized breathing methods that heighten your oxygen levels and unlock your aerobic capacity to its fullest potential.



+ Move

Explore XPT's unique movement program: land and water-based workouts that push human physiology and encourage essential adaptation.

Leverage these dynamic movements that will challenge your body and breathing capacity under fatigue, pushing you to your edge. Reach new heights and discover endless possibilities in the exploration of human potential through XPT's Move curriculum.



+ Recover

We proudly offer Physiotherapy to the visitors and the local Noosa community.Our Physiotherapy service provides effective treatment and injury management to get you moving and back to the activities that you love.

Expereince the multitude of health benefits including a decrease of inflammation and a balance of hormones by integrating XPT's Fire and Ice methodologies into your ongoing recovery routine. Practice XPT's unique hypothermic training system by turning up the furnace internally with heat application followed by cold water / ice immersion, restricting blood vessels and capillaries in your extremities, which improve your cardiovascular, endocrine, and muscular system regulation.

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