ActivateBody combines years of clinical & field experience with scientific research to develop methods and systems that are the future of health and  wellness. ActivateBody is dedicated to empowering individuals and corporate teams to learn, experience and  use these methods to make a positive impact on their lives in environments that are supportive and challenging.

We provide a range of physiotherapy services, health and wellness workshops and corporate services designed to activate lives.

Whether you are injured, getting back into exercise or an elite athlete it is our mission is to activate you with more physical and mental energy as well as higher levels of resilience to stress. How can we help?

Our team is:

  • EDUCATED and TRAINED by leading experts and educators in Australia and around the world.

  • EXPERIENCED in our vocation, sport and life which enables us to connect, coach and deliver results for individuals, groups and corporate teams.

  • PASSIONATE about fitness and health.

  • COMMITTED to providing rewarding and authentic experiences all for our clients.



ActivateBody Leadership


+ Tom Molloy - Co Founder/ Performace Director

Tomas Molloy (B.Com, Cert IV Fit, XPT Coach)- Breath, Movement & Recovery

Tom is the performance director of ActivateBody serving progressive individuals and corporate clients with health and wellness coaching, programs and events across Australia. Tom has over a decade of experience helping individuals and corpoate teams discover their inner athlete.

In addition to ActivateBody corporate services, Tom supports ActivateBody Physiotherapy, providing clinical physical rehabilitation and professional health coaching services to the Noosa community and men's lifestyle brand ActivateMan dedicated to improving the health and wellness of men aged 35-55. Tom also serves as a performance coach to professional and aspiring athletes focused on performance development over the long term.

Tom is also a professional keynote speaker who invites his audience to participate and experience how the body and the mind influence our relationships and results in business, sport and in life.

Tom and his team at ActivateBody are on mission is to activate 1,000,000 people with more physical and mental energy as well as higher levels of resilience to stress. How can we help?

After years of struggling with arthritic knees and shoulder pain Tom discovered a performance lifestyle rooted in the most basic yet powerful human trait: the ability to adapt and grow. Tom’s train, adapt and perform approach empowers the individual to strengthen and elevate the quality of both everyday life and athletic pursuits.

His passion for adventure and commitment to excellence has driven him to become a leader in movement and recovery performance training that is applied to a progressive training philosophy.

Tom is also interested in the role of diet, exercise and breathing in stimulating mental and physical energy and stronger social connections with family, friends and community.

Tom also has a keen interest in Australian Rules Football and running, having performed at School and representative levels, and he is a passionate waterman (SUP, Surf Lifesaving, Surfing, Swimming, SCUBA, and Sailing) who coaches junior lifesaving and football with his 3 children.

Rich Burrows.jpg

+ Richard Burrows - Performace Coach

Richard Burrows B.Comm/BA (Hons), Grad Dip Education, Crossfit Level 1, XPT Certified Coach - Strength & Conditioning, Breath, Recovery

Richard's sporting and professional career is characterised by a track record of success in a wide variety of elite performance environments.

As an athlete he played State level Australian Rules Football, toured England as a cricketer, competed in numerous multisport and endurance events and, more recently, has developed his skills in gymnastics, calisthenics and Olympic weightlifting.

Richard's early professional career saw him leading complex investigations for the protection of Australia's national security interests, and he now advises Chief Executives and Boards on their most senior appointments.

Richard has a wealth of experience in stressful, high-stakes environments. He has a passion for helping people from all walks of life learn to master their physiological and psychological responses to allow them to perform at the highest level.


+ Dr Viktoria Molloy - Co Founder / Physiotherapist & Health Coach

Dr Viktoria Molloy (PhD, B.Physio (Hons)) - Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation & Health

Viktoria graduated from Physiotherapy at the University of Melbourne with Honours in 2001. Since completing her degree she has worked in several private practices across Melbourne, coastal Victoria and Noosa, including starting her own practice in 2003. Whilst working with Spinal Management Clinics of Victoria, conducting Functional Restoration Programs for chronic pain patients, Viktoria developed a keen interest in chronic low back pain, and decided to return to the University of Melbourne where she completed her PhD titled "The Pathoanatomical Indicators of Lumbar Zygapophyseal Joint Pain" in 2007. She has published several articles relating to this topic. Viktoria has also done further research on Hamstring Injury Management in the Australian Football League (AFL), and she has been involved with the Telecare Knee Osteoarthritis Rehabilitation Project – a telephone delivered rehabilitation program for people with knee osteoarthritis.

Aside from her interest in chronic lower back pain, Viktoria has a strong interest in sports and exercise-based physiotherapy. She has worked with several Amateur Football Clubs; she was physiotherapist for the Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games; has worked with National Athletics and Cross Country teams and also Junior State Hockey. Viktoria also has a keen interest in rowing, having rowed at School and University levels, and she is a passionate long distance runner. She is also interested in the role of exercise in pre- and post-natal women; and for the management of chronic physical and mental health conditions.

Viktoria also has a special interest in diet and nutrition and is currently completing her Primal Health Coaching Course. Viktoria is also an accredited GLA:D® Program Physiotherapist. GLA:D® is an education and exercise program developed by researchers in Denmark for people with hip or knee osteoarthritis symptoms - research from the GLA:D® program in Denmark shows symptom progression reduces by 32%.

Viktoria and her family moved from Melbourne to the Sunshine Coast at the end of 2017. She worked at a clinic in Noosa Junction prior to going on maternity leave with her third child, Charlie.

Viktoria also works as a Clinical Advisor / Consultant to the WorkSafe Victoria Clinical Panel and BUPA where she provides advice to her peers on evidence-based management of patients.

When she is not working, Viktoria can be found chasing her three children around their property, training for her next half marathon, participating in CrossFit classes, and trying to keep up with her husband, Tom, on their SUPs

About XPT

ActivateBody align with the XPT lifestyle performance pillars: Breathe - Move - Recover to apply in all aspects of life. While we may not all be elite athletes we all have athletic potential to discover and express in activities we enjoy and communities we connect with.



+ Breathe

Discover endless health and performance benefits through XPT's Performance Breathing™ nand the Wim Hof Method, which enables you to tap into the immense capacity of your breath.

Developed over the years by world renowned big wave surfer Laird Hamilton and Dutch Athlete Wim Hof, Performance Breathing™ educates you on specialized breathing methods that heighten your oxygen levels and unlock your aerobic capacity to its fullest potential.



+ Move

Explore XPT's unique movement program: land and water-based workouts that push human physiology and encourage essential adaptation.

Leverage these dynamic movements that will challenge your body and breathing capacity under fatigue, pushing you to your edge. Reach new heights and discover endless possibilities in the exploration of human potential through XPT's Move curriculum.



+ Recover

We proudly offer Physiotherapy to the visitors and the local Noosa community.Our Physiotherapy service provides effective treatment and injury management to get you moving and back to the activities that you love.

Expereince the multitude of health benefits including a decrease of inflammation and a balance of hormones by integrating XPT's Fire and Ice methodologies into your ongoing recovery routine. Practice XPT's unique hypothermic training system by turning up the furnace internally with heat application followed by cold water / ice immersion, restricting blood vessels and capillaries in your extremities, which improve your cardiovascular, endocrine, and muscular system regulation.

XPT breath move and recover.png
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