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Performance Breathing Fundamentals explores various methods of performance breathing and discover the connection between the breath all the bodies major systems, including the cardiovascular, lymphatic, endocrine, and autonomic nervous system.

ActivateAir Fundamentals Audio Lessons - Recommended with headphones

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Activate Calm teaches you to master your mental and emotional states through a science-backed, heart centered approach to wellness. Discover the very latest skills and techniques from the Wim Hof Method, to XPT Performance Breathing to boost energy levels and overcome stress; develop razor sharp focus and mental clarity; and achieve deeper states or relaxation, recovery and restoration.

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Activate Performance allows you to discover a simple path to all-round health and well being whether you are an elite athlete or a relative newcomer on the path to fitness. By exploring the Buteyko method learn why 'huffing and puffing' is hurting your physical performance, discover the power of effective nasal breathing, and start to build the physiological adaptations that will allow you to produce greater results from far less effort. Select from an area of Activate Performance Breathing that is of interest to you.

Activate Performance

Activate Focus

Activate Workout

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Activate Recovery breathing methods are designed to cue your mind and body into a parasympathetic/restful state for Recovery, Rest and Sleep. Choose the specific purpose and level to suit your needs.

Activate Sleep prepares your body and mind for a restful sleep.

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